Live session this week recorded at the Eurosonic festival mid January featuring..

Rolo Tomassi

….and tunes that spun on the hard drive this week

800beloved-The Skeleton Collection [Bouquet LP]
Bombay Bicycle Club-Always Like This [single]
Electricity In Our Homes-Motorbike [Gymnastics single]
Artery-Who’s Afraid Of David Lynch [Standing Still Ep]
Death Shovel (Selfish Cunt]-Untitled [Artrocker Live Session]
Dinosaur Pile-Up-Traynor [single]
Fist Fite-Dead In A Mile [myspace]
Kids Love Lies-Count In My Head [Count In My Head EP]
Ladyfinger (ne)-Read the Will [Dusk LP]
Later-Year By Year [Switchbored Ep]
Schwab-I’m Not Sure [I’m Not Sure single]
The Plasticzooms-Love [myspace]
Royal Bangs-Handcuff Killa [We Breed Champions LP]
Say Hi-Hallie And Henry [Oohs & Aahs LP]
The Sunday Reeds-Dead Inside [Drowning in History LP]
The Answering Machine-Your Home Address [Cliffer single]
The Tupolev Ghost-Zeros & Noughts [The Tupolev Ghost EP]
The Sea-Sun Noir [Get It Back LP]