Human Pleasure radio 30th April 2018….aren’t you going to get that?

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Hilary Woods – Black Rainbow [Colt LP]
Lay Llamas – Silver Sun (Negra Branca’s Red Sun Remix) [single]
Routine Death – Parallel Universes [Parallel Universes LP]
VItal Idles – Solid States [Left Hand LP]
Dog Chocolate – Tesco Flag [Moody Balloon Baby LP]
Spielbergs – Distant Star [Distant Star EP]
The Coathangers – Gettin Mad and Pumpin Iron [Live LP]
Skating Polly – Hollywood Factory [The Make It All Show LP]
Bad Breeding – Dehumanised [Abandonment LP]
The Love-Birds – Angela [In the Lover’s Corner LP]
Petal – Better Than You [Magic Gone LP]
Death And The Maiden – Mercury [Wisteria LP]
RDTK – Seal The Chamber [Human Resources LP]
Self Defense Family – Have You Considered Punk Music [Have You Considered Punk Music LP]
Bad Stream – Black Weed [Bad Stream LP]
Nocturnal Projections – Alone In The Corner [Inmates In Images LP]
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Major League Chemicals [Sex & Food LP]
Dreamend – Inside The Head Of A Monster [Dreamend LP]
Gum – S.I.A. [The Underdog LP]
Boys – Hemtjänsten [Rest In Peace LP]
Triptides – Mary Anne [Visitors LP]
The Wind-up Birds – Ghost-based Love Song [Desire Paths LP]
Sister Ghost – Emily [single]
Soft As Snow – Sleep/Slip [Deep Wave LP]

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