In concert series-Live at London Calling Festival April 2008

Pete And The Pirates
Blood Red Shoes

…and tunes that are spinning on the turntable this week.

Computer Club-Electrons & Particles [single]
Das Wanderlust-Perception [Horses For Courses LP]
David Cronenberg’s Wife -Runaway Pram (German version) [single]
Errors-National Prism [It’s Not Something But It Is Like Whatever LP]
Deerhunter-Saved By Old Times [Microcastle LP]
Florence and The Machine-Hospital Beds [Kiss With A Fist Single]
Fuck Dress-Suburban Nietzsche Freak [single]
goFASTER>>-Flammable Leisurewear [single]
I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper-OMG, Techno Chicks!!! [The Lemonade Ocean LP]
The Bon Bon Club-Lullaby [Covers EP]
Northern Portrait-Crazy [The Fallen Aristocracy EP]