..into an action packed night full of indie goodness..

Guided by Voices-Queen of Cans and Jars [Bee Thousand The Director’s Cut LP]
Guided by Voices-Bite [Bee Thousand The Director’s Cut LP]
Haunts-Underground [Haunts LP]
Cause Co-Motion!-I Lie Awake [It’s Time LP]
Lonely Ghosts-The Unpopular Future [Don’t Get Lost Or Hurt LP]
Longwave-Satellites [Secrets Are Sinister LP]
Love Is All-Rumours [A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night Lp]
The Muttering Retreats-Cupid Always Misses (The Ba Ba Song) [The Muttering Retreats Lp]
Oh No Oh My-The Boy With An Anchor [Dmitrij Dmitrij LP]
Project:Komakino-Penumbra 1 [Single]
Starflyer 59-Concentrate [Dial M LP]
That Fleeting World-The Alchemist [Myspace]
The Depreciation Guild-Sky Ghosts [In Her Gentle Jaws LP]
Holy Fuck-Balloons [Balloons/Super Inuit 12″]
Foals-Super Inuit [Balloons/Super Inuit 12″]
Selfish Cunt-England Made Me II [English Chamber Music LP]
Peter Parker-Swallow The Rockets [Myspace]
The Ettes-I Get Mine [Look at Life Again Soon LP]
The Lisps-Brackish Water [Country Doctor Museum LP]
The Lucksmiths-A Sobering Thought (Just When One Was Needed) [First Frost LP]
This Tawdry Affair-Padlocks [Myspace]
Wye Oak-Orchard Fair [If Children LP]
The Raveonettes-Here Comes The End [Beauty Dies LP]
Shock Cinema-Wax Wings [Hell And Highwater LP]
Slow Down Tallahassee-Baby Don’t Cry [Indietracks An Indiepop Compilation LP]
The Just Joans-Hey Boy… You’re Oh So Sensitive! [Indietracks An Indiepop Compilation LP]
Shrag-Fourty-Five 45s [Indietracks An Indiepop Compilation LP]
Milky Wimpshake-I Wanna Be Seen In Public With You [Indietracks An Indiepop Compilation LP]
Honkeyfinger-Burning Skull [Myspace]
ET Explore Me-Shame Shame Shame [Myspace]
Plaaydoh-Purple Minijack [Plaaydoh EP]