Live session this week recorded at the London Calling festival early November featuring..


….and tunes that spun on the hard drive this week

Dirtblonde-The Hangmen [White Noise, Rubber Heart EP]
Abe Vigoda-House [Reviver LP]
Downdime-Lessons [Knowing Too Much LP]
Engineers-Three Fact Fader [Three Fact Fader EP]
Diego-Fan City [Two LP]
Eve Black Eve White-Dead Without You [Myspace]
Girls-Lust For Life [Lust For Life single]
Headphone-In white rooms [Ghostwriter LP]
Helen Love-Candylips [Calm Down Dad single]
Let’s Wrestle-Heartbreaker [Let’s Wrestle LP]
No Kisses-Get Closer [Myspace]
Pete & The Pirates-Jennifer [Jennifer single]
Norma-Waste [Book of Norma LP]
O Children-Masquerade [Ruins [Demos] LP]
Prisonshake-Favorite Hospital [Dirty Moons LP]
Romance-Internal Attack [Myspace]
Silhouette-Take It Out On Me [Myspace]
Come On Gang!-Start The Sound [Split single with Kid Canaveral]
Stranger Son Of WB-Engine [Single]
The Argument-Messages [Summer/Winter Nights LP-Free download here]
The Housewives-Getaway [single]
The Medusa Snare-Slow Motion [Cinderella EP]
The Old Romantic Killer Band-Trouble Causer [The Swan With Two Necks LP]
The Old Romantic Killer Band-Your Girlfriend Is a Drug Addict [The Swan With Two Necks LP]
Turbowolf-Bite [Myspace]