Live session this week recorded at the Eurosonic festival mid January featuring..

Dag för Dag

….and tunes that spun on the hard drive this week

Blonde Acid Cult-Ruiners [mypace]
Brakes-Don’t Take Me To Space (Man) [Touchdown LP]
Comet Gain-Herbert Huncke Part I [Herbert Huncke Part I single]
Hatcham Social-Lovebuzz [Covers Ep]
Downdime-Backpedalling [Knowing Too Much LP]
The False Friends-The Last Day [Burn The Bridges, Break The Gates LP]
My First Earthquake-Designer Boyfriend [Tremors Ep]
Great Northern-Houses [Remind Me Where The Light Is LP]
Heels Catch Fire-A Bright Light’s Not White [myspace]
Nelson-Slow Falling [Revolving Doors LP]
Electric President-Ether [Sleep Well LP]
Ladyfinger (ne)-Let’s Get Married [Dusk LP]
Joe Gideon & The Shark-Johan Was A Painter And An Arsonist [Harum Scarum LP]
Dananananaykroyd-Black Wax [Black Wax single]
Hot Panda-I Tried Very Hard [Volcano… Bloody Volcano LP}
Lushus-Kill [myspace]
Navvy-Disco [single]
Housewives-Cream [single]