Live session this week recorded at the Eurosonic festival mid January featuring..


….and tunes that spun on the hard drive this week

Daniel Land and the Modern Painters-Within The Boundaries [Within The Boundaries single]
Heels Catch Fire-A Bright Light’s Not White [myspace]
Memory Cassette-Listen To The Vacuum [Rewind While Sleepy EP]
Ono Palindromes-Kitty Magic [Kitty Magic Single]
exlovers-Weightless [ST EP]
Micachu-Calculator [Jewellery LP]
I Was A King-A Name That Hurts To Say [I Was A King LP]
Downdime-Joanne [Knowing Too Much LP
Kasms-Bone You [Bone You Single]
Planet Earth-Bergman Movies [Planet Earth single]
Defend Moscow-Manifesto [Manifesto single]
Dora Brilliant-Get A Grip [myspace]
Lord Auch-Mareado [Mareado single]
No Kisses-Swastika Sally [myspace]
Reigns-Bad Slate [The House On The Causeway LP]
Phoenix Catscratch-O Val [myspace]
Telegraphs-The Argument [myspace]
Screen Vinyl Image-Lost In Repeat [Interceptors LP]
The Neat-Carmex [myspace]