A shortish show this week due to the equipment falling down around my ears!!

And coming very very soon to those that are asking for it…podcasts of the show, stand by…

The Sunday Reeds-2000 And Something [Drowning In History LP]
Brontosaurus Chorus-Now We’re Making Out [You’ve Created A Monster LP]
Alec Empire-If You Live Or Die [Shivers LP]
Black Moth Super Rainbow-Born On A Day, A Day The Sun Didn’t Rise [Eating Us LP]
Crocodiles-Refuse Angels [Summer Of Hate LP]
Cortney Tidwell-17 Horses [Boys LP]
Datarock-Give It Up [Give It Up CDM]
Frisco Farr-Magpie [Our Friends Ep]
Nephu Huzzband-No Not Ever [Not Not Ever single]
Burn The Negative-Low [In The Atmosphere LP]
Cutaways-Milo Of Kroton [Earth and Earthly Things LP]
Dog Day-Neighbour [Concentration LP]
Jonjo Feather-Hypnotize Me [Is Or Ok LP]
goFASTER>>-Good Times [A Modern Education EP]
Intelligence-Fuck Eat Skull [Fake Surfers LP]
Oh Minnows-Dear [Demo]
Pink Hearse-Bones [myspace]
Middle Class Rut-Dead Set [25 Years EP]
Outl4w-You Mess With My Head [myspace]
Ponytail-Beg Waves [Ice Cream Spiritual LP]
Screaming Females-Skull [Power Move LP]
Starfucker-Dance Face 2000 [Jupiter LP]
Trailer Trash Tracys-Strangling Good Guys [myspace]