A world wide indie tour…we are all over the place!!

Live sessions from WOXY.com at SXSW

Bear Hands-Live On WOXY.com SXSW 2009 Session

What A Drag
Can’t Stick ‘Em
Sickly Brunette
Camel Convention

Future Of The Left-Live On WOXY.com SXSW 2009 Session

Arming Eritrea
Chin Music
Small Bones, Small Bodies
Fingers Become Thumbs
Land Of My Formers

…and on with the show..

The Kabeedies-Little Brains [Little Brains single]
Threatmantics-Little Bird [Upbeat Love LP]
Thunders-Magicsick [The Sympathetic Oscillations – Ep]
Bajinda Behind The Enemy Lines-MGirl [myspace]
Bombay Bicycle Club-Dust On The Ground [I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose LP]
Calories-A Bear A Bison[Adventuring LP]
Dananananaykroyd-1993 [Hey Everyone LP]
Crystal Stilts-Sugar Baby [Love Is a Wave single]
Death Of London-Life And Death Of Death Of London [myspace]
Detroit Social Club-Sunshine People [Sunshine People single]
Disconcerts-William S. Burroughs [Disconcerts LP]
Dot Dash-Black And White [myspace]
Kasms-KRIH [Spayed LP]
Micron 63-Repeat Sick Repeat [myspace]
Love-Fine-Luft [Beat Yourself LP]
Motorama-Echoes [HORSE EP]
Pink Mountaintops-Holiday [Outside Love LP]
Capsula-Sun Shaking [Rising Mountains LP]
The Horrors-Who Can Say [Primary Colours LP]
Not Cool-Limbs Are For Liars [myspace]
The Sleepover Disaster-Funnel Cloud [Hover LP]