A world wide indie tour…

No live session this week so a big fat two hour of indie goodness.

and on with the show..

Box Elders-Atlantis [Alice & Friends LP]
DZ-Blue Blood [Blue Blood]
Electricity In Our Homes-Message Of Joy [We Agree Completely EP]
exlovers-Incomplete [You forget so easily EP]
The Depreciation Guild-Dream About Me [Dream About Me 7″]
Au Revoir Simone-Anywhere You Looked [Still Night, Still Light LP]
HEALTH-Nice Girls [Get Color LP]
A Place to Bury Strangers-I Lived My Life to Stand in the Shadow of Your Heart [Exploding Head LP]
Audionom-Show Me You Hands [Superior LP]
Heat-Ray-Heaven Is… [Loveallover LP]
Dinosaur Pile-Up-Beach Bug [The Most Powerful E.P In The Universe!! EP]
Jay Reatard-Man Of Steel [Watch Me Fall LP]
Lovvers-I Want To (Go) [Ocd Go Go Go Girls LP]
Hook And The Twin-Bang Bang Cherry [Bang Bang Cherry single]
Cornershop-The Roll Off Characteristics (Of History In The Making) [Judy Sucks Lemon For Breakfast LP]
Magic Wands-Warrior XX Remix [myspace]
LR Rockets-Renee Loves Losers [Renee Loves Losers single]
Kestrels-Plastic Dresses [Primary Colours LP]
Moscow Square-Blind [Demos]
Push/Pull-Fire [Between Noise And The Indians LP]
Stockbreaker-Breakout [In Fuzz They Trust LP]
Quest For Fire-I’ve Been Trying To Leave [Quest For Fire LP]
T.I.T.S.-Cheap Echoes [Second Base LP]
The Drums-Let’s Go Surfing [Let’s Go Surfing free download]
The XX-Heart Skipped A Beat [XX LP]