A world wide indie tour…

Live session this week from The Big Pink recorded at the London Calling Festival recorded at the Paradiso in Amsterdam early May.

and on with the show..

exlovers-A moment that keeps repeating [demo]
Crash Normal-Stand In The Queue [Finger Shower LP]
White Denim-All Consolation [Fits LP]
Arctic Monkeys-Pretty Visitors [Humbug LP]
Alcoholic Faith Mission-Did You Eat [421 Wythe Avenue LP]
Lacrosse-It’s Always Sunday Around Here [Bandages For The Heart LP]
My First Earthquake-Outta The Band [Downstairs LP]
Young British Artists-Ovation [Small Waves LP]
The XX-Basic Space [XX LP]
Little Girls-Imaginary Friends [Tambourine EP]
Pre-Hope Freaks [Hope Freaks LP]
Cutaways-Hey, Map My Way [Earth And Earthly Things…LP]
Electricity In Our Homes-Hooves [We Agree Completely EP]
Thee Oh Sees-Ruby Go Home [Help LP]
Engineers-Sometimes I Realise [Three Fact Fader LP]
Pens-Networking [NO PAIN IN POP COMP LP]
Kestrels-Ridicule [Primary Colours LP
Moscow Square-Run 4th [Demos]
The Declining Winter-My Name in Ruins [Haunt The Upper Hallways LP]
Heat-Ray-Music From Your Heart [Loveallover LP]