Live session from Surfer Blood recorded at the Market Hotel, Brooklyn, NY USA. Courtesy of nyctaper

…and on with the show..

Bare Wires-Teen Witch [Artificial Clouds LP]
Bear Hands-What A Drag [What A Drag 7″]
Blessure Grave-Stop Breathing [Judged By Twelve, Carried By Six LP]
Chapel Club-O Maybe I [single]
Soundpool-But It’s So [But It’s So/Makes No Sense 7″]
Bad Sports-Sinking You [Bad Sports LP]
Bloody Knives-hands around my neck [Jesus In Space comp download]
Whatever Brains-Summer Jammin’ [Mt. Whatever 7″]
Yellow Fever-Psychedelic [Yellow Fever LP]
Veronica Falls-Stephen [Found Love In A Graveyard 7″]
Trash Kit-Fame [Trash Kit LP]
Dinowalrus-Electric Car, Gas Guitar [% LP]
Air Formation-Low December Sun [single]
Bitches-Winner [EP]
Blood Of The Bull-When I’m Gone [10 Trax For Snax LP}
Egyptian Hip Hop-Wild Human Child [Wild Human Child Single]
Hot Club de Paris-Fuck You, the Truth! [With Days Like This As Cheap A….EP]
Sisters-Street Cars [Sisters EP]
Lonelady-Intuition [Nerve Up LP]
Best Coast-Wish He Was You [Something In The Way EP]
Sunderbans-We Only Can Because We Care [single 7″]
Swanton Bombs-Crowbar [Mumbo Jumbo And Murder LP]
The Super Vacations-Henry [Henry 7″]
young boys-bring em down [untitled LP]

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