Live session from True Womanhood recorded at the Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn, NY USA. Courtesy of

…and on with the show..

Blood Red Shoes-Don’t Ask [Fire Like this LP]
Bad Sports-Won’t Let You Win [Bad Sports LP]
The Vandelles-Bomb The Surf [Del Black Aloha LP]
Bloody Knives-when I kill the sun [Burn It All Down LP]
The Art Museums-So Your Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore [Rough Frame LP]
The Sticks-Bored! [The Sticks LP]
Air Formation-Meltdown [Nothing To Wish For (Nothing To Lose) LP]
Serena Maneesh-Reprobate! [No 2: Abyss In B Minor LP]
A Sunny Day In Glasgow-Daytime Rainbows [Nitetime Rainbows LP]
Foot Village-Totally Tween (Live @ CCA) [Pro-Creation Rockers free LP]
Bare Wires-Runaway Heart [Artificial Clouds LP]
Myelin Sheaths-I Don’t Wanna Have (An Operation) [Myelin Sheaths LP]
U.S. Girls-Red Ford Radio [Go Grey LP]
Best Coast-Wish He Was You [Something In The Way LP]
Blessure Grave-Hope For The Worst [Judged By Twelve, Carried By Six LP]
Dinowalrus-Bead [% LP]
S-Wait [I’m Not As Good At It As You LP]
Detroit Social Club-black and white [Kiss The Sun EP]
Standard Fare-Secret Little Sweetheart [The Noyelle Beat LP]
Cloud Nothings-Hey Cool Kid [web download]
WHITE FENCE-mr. adams [S/T LP]
The Radio Dept.-Domestic Scene [Clinging to a Scheme LP]
Xiu Xiu-Secret Motel [Dear God, I Hate Myself LP]