Two live sessions this week from Capsula and Sleigh Bells recorded at SXSW Festival 2010. Courtesy of Download Capsula here and Sleigh Bells here.

…and on with the show.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti-Bright Lit Blue Skies [Before Today LP]
Procedure Club-Awfully Managed Pigeons [Doomed Forever LP]
Pulled Apart By Horses-Moonlit Talons [Pulled Apart By Horses LP]
Magic Bullets-They Wrote a Song About You [Magic Bullets LP]
Best Coast-Boyfriend [Crazy For You LP] free download
The Unkindness Of Ravens-White Road [single]
!!!-Hollow [Strange Weather, Isn’t It? LP]
Cloud Nothings-Didn’t You [Didn’t You 7″]
Apteka-Aragon Sound [Traitors 7″]
Hanoi Janes-Summer Of Panic [Year Of Panic LP]
Panda Riot-Streetlights and You and Me [Far and Near EP]
Frankie Rose and the Outs-Little Brown Haired Girl [forthcoming LP]
Cutaways-Sunkissed [Previously Unreleased Demos] free download
The Drums-I’ll Never Drop My Sword [The Drums LP]
Fever Fever-Monster [Monster single]
Miracles Club-A New Love [Light Of Love EP]
Fol Chen-In Ruins [Part 2: The New December LP]
Islet-Jasmine [Celebrate This Place EP]
Secret Colours-Jellybean [Secret Colours LP]
Chappo-Come Home [Plastique Universe EP]
Mystery Jets-Serotonin [Serotonin LP]
The Riverdales-The Girl In Lover’s Lane [Tarantula LP]
She Keeps Bees-Make It Easy [SKB​-​005 7″]
Two Wounded Birds-My Lonesome [My Lonesome single] free download
Wild Nothing-Golden Haze [Evertide EP]
Sissy Mena-History [Young Girl LP]

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