As we wait to get back into the studio after the quake we will continue to keep RDU alive from our bedrooms…ooh err.

The Oscillation-Future Echo [Veils LP] listen
Wild Nothing-Gruesome Castle [Gruesome Flowers: A Tribute to The Wake EP]
Brave Irene-Longest Day [Brave Irene LP]
Capsula-Let’s Run Far Away [In the Land of Silver Souls LP]
Young Knives-Human Again [Ornaments From The Silver Arcade LP]
What Would Jesus Drive-Boomtown Twats [Black And Blue LP]
The Kills-Future Starts Slow [Blood Pressures LP]
//TENSE//-Pull The Strings [Escape EP]
Sweet Bulbs-Down On My Life [Sweet Bulbs LP]
Sonny and the Sunsets-She Plays YoYo With My Mind [Hit After Hit LP]
Slowness-Duck & Cover [Hopeless but Otherwise EP] listen
Pheromoans-Bad Dandelion [It Still Rankles LP]
Mazes-Vampire Jive [A Thousand LP]
Love Boat-I’m alright [Sliding Deck EP]
The Generationals-Ten Twenty Ten [Actor-Caster LP]
EMA-Butterfly Knife [Past Life Martyred Saints LP]
Crystal Stilts-Precarious Stair [In Love With Oblivion LP]
Cold Cave-Icons Of Summer [Cherish The Light Years LP]
Alcoholic Faith Mission-Legacy [And The Running With Insanity EP]
Ceremony-Not Tonight [Split EP]
Dirty Beaches-No Fun [single]
Sisterland-Tomorrow [single 7″]
Boris-Spoon [New Album LP]
Joan of Arc-Still Life [Life Like LP]
Moon Duo-Run Around [Mazes LP]
Shapes Have Fangs-Cry Baby [Dinner in The Dark LP]
Soft Kill-Feral Moans [An Open Door LP]
The Chapman Family-Something I Can’t Get Out [Burn Your Town LP]
Echo Lake-In Dreams [Young Silence EP]
JEFF The Brotherhood-Shredder [Live at Third Man Records LP]
Monotonix-Before I Pass Away [Not Yet LP]
La Sera-I Promise You [La Sera LP]
Lifeguards-Trip The Web [Waving At The Astronauts LP]
Lower Heaven-Firearms [Today Is All We Have LP]
Ringo DeathStarr-Do It Every Time [Colour Trip LP]
The Babies-Sick Kid [The Babies LP

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