Sorry about the late post, I’m getting later and later in posting these…I’ve been busy. Back to regular programming soon.

All Tiny Creaturs-An Iris [Harbors LP]
Mood Rings-Washer [Sweater Weather Forever LP]
Ty Segall-Woodland Rock [Ty Rex EP]
TV Ghost-The Inheritors [Mass Dream LP]
Tropic of Cancer-A Color [The Sorrow Of Two Blooms LP]
The Cakekitchen-My Beautiful Fire Tamer [Kangaroos In My Top Paddock LP] Buy the LP, limited to 300
The Black Angels-Melanie’s Melody [Phosgene Nightmare LP]
Terry Malts-Where Is The Weekend? [I’m Neurotic 7″]
Sweet Bulbs-Acid and TV [Sweet Bulbs LP]
Sunshower Orphans-Rockaway Vespers [Avenue Abyss LP] freedownload
Sonny and the Sunsets-Reflections On Youth [Hit After Hit LP]
SLEEP∞OVER-Casual Diamond [Casual Diamond 7″]
Shepherds-Tears of a Clown [Holy Stain EP] freedownload
Psychedelic Horseshit-Laced [Laced LP]
Prurient-Many Jewels Surround The Crown (The District) [Many Jewels Surround The Crown single]
Pinback-Sherman [Information Retrieved Pt. A 7]
Pheromoans-Shift Happens [It Still Rankles LP]
Peoples Temple-Pretender [Sons of Stone LP]
Natural Child-Hard Workin’ Man [1971 LP]
Naked On The Vague-The Fridge [Twelve Dark Noons LP]
Jookabox-Worms [The Eyes of the Fly LP]
Johnny Foreigner-What Drummers Get [Certain Songs Are Cursed EP]
Implodes-Screech Owl [Black Earth LP]
Honeydrum-Itchy Throats [Vacation EP] freedownload
Hills-Rise Again [Master Sleeps LP]
Girls Names-Nothing More To Say [Dead To Me LP]
Gold Bears-Totally Called It [Are You Falling In Love? LP]
The Generationals-I Promise [Actor-Caster LP]
Epic45-Ghosts I Have Known [Weathering LP]
Beach Fossils-Golden Age (Live) [iTunes Live: SXSW]
The Starvation Box-HEAVEN FU(_X_) [myspace rip]
HUNX and his PUNX-Too Young to Be in Love [Too Young To Be In Love single]
Last Remaining Pinnacle-Students Of The V.U [split single]
Cloud Nothings-Forget You All The Time [Cloud Nothings LP]
Ducktails-Sprinter [III: Arcade Dynamics LP]

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