First show of the year and technical issues right away…no podcast unfortunately… on with the show.

The Jesus And Mary Chain-Cracking Up [Artrocker Magazine]
Clinic-Lion Tamer [Artrocker Magazine]
The Black Angels-Hunting at 1300 McKinley [Artrocker Magazine]
Tweak Bird-Sky Ride [Artrocker Magazine]
North Atlantic Oscillation-08 77 hours [Artrocker Magazine]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster-Under my Chin [Artrocker Magazine]
Pete And The Pirates-Winter 1 free download
Beach Fossils-Calyer [What A Pleasure LP]
Byrds of Paradise-Spring [Teenage Symphonies LP]
Chelsea Wolfe-Advice & Vices [The Grime and the Glow LP]
Iron & Wine-Biting Your Tail [Walking Far From Home single]
French Films-Dropout Jr. [Golden Sea EP]
Cleckhuddersfax-Four Principles Of Public Speaking [Spen Beck LP]
The Black Ryder-Let It Go [Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride LP]
White Noise Sound-Sunset -[WNS LP]
Mogwai-San Pedro [Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will LP]
Minks-Our Ritual [By the Hedge LP]
Shannon Wright-Violent Colors [Secret Blood LP]
Air Waves-Sweetness [Dungeon Dots LP]
Horse Feathers-Drain You [Drain You b/w Bonnet of Briars 7″]
Munch Munch-Night Corner [Double Visions LP]
Joan of Arc-Meaningful Work [Meaningful Work 7″]
Demon’s Claws-Laser Beams [The Defrosting Of… LP]
Panico-Icon [Kick LP]
Plug-Day Tripper [Plug LP]
Destroyer-Savage Night At The Opera [Kaputt LP]
Banjo or Freakout-105 [105 Single]
Cloud Nothings-Should Have [Cloud Nothings LP]
The Decemberists-Calamity Song [The King Is Dead LP]
The Beets-Cold Lips [Stay Home LP]
Guided By Voices-Lethargy [Live in Daytron LP]
Vondelpark-California Analog Dream [Sauna EP]