We dedicate this week’s show to all that have been touched by the tragedy of the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland.

..on with the show playlist

Introflirt – Could Be Fun [Temporary Heaven LP]
Alison Clancy – Tried2callubutididnthaveurnumber [Psycho Tyko LP]
Baba Naga – Deificyen [Plná Krvy/Deificyen EP]
Golden Apes – Grinding Mills [M A L V S LP]
Nehza – Rouge [Rêverie[S] CS]
Virginia Wing – Hammer A Nail [Forward Constant Motion LP]
The Franklys – Castaway [single]
Clear Plastic Masks – The Money [Nazi Hologram LP]
Eskimeaux – What The Fuck? [Song, By Toad Split 12″ V5 LP]
Forth Wanderers – Slop [Slop LP]
The Moonlandingz – Black Hanz (Dave Fridmann Radio Mix) [single]
Drahla – Fictional Decision [Fictional Decision single]
The Prostitutes – She’s A Prostitute [Desire Will Set You Free LP]
Nervous Jerk – Bones [single]
Good Boy – Sycophant [Plum EP]
Bless – Ya Want Me [Bless CS]
New Fries – 90 Yr Old Girl [More LP]
Ravioli Me Away – Ultimate Destruction [Living Is A Myth LP]
White – Step Up [Cuts That Don’t Bleed EP]
Oh800 – Shoulda Known It [single]
The Men – Hit The Ground [Devil Music LP]
Toby Coke – Sick Trips [Time Negator CS]
Weak Boys – Acab [Weak Boys II LP]
Yuppies Indeed – A Boys Don’t Have Result [Stropharia LP]
Robocobra Quartet – Nice Life [Music For All Occasions LP]
Terminal Cheesecake – Mr Wimpey’s Day Trip To Guilford Haven [Dandelion Sauce Of The Ancients LP]
The Wharves – Venus Of Hornchurch [Electa LP]
Piano Magic – Exile [Closure LP]

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