A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Phew – Echo [Light Sleep LP]
System Corporation – Dismal Universal Hiss [single]
Tv Haze – To Mars And Back [Scrap Museum LP]
Flesh World – A Trip To The Living Ice Age [Typical Girls Volume 2 LP]
The World – New Pearls [Typical Girls Volume 2 LP]
Skinny Girl Diet – Burnouts [Typical Girls Volume 2 LP]
Heat Wave – The Man [Dead Beats LP]
Sneaks – Not My Combination [It’s A Myth LP]
Vorderhaus – Black Suspicion [Minor Activity LP]
The Snags – Last Refuge For A Scoundrel [Single]
This Other Kingdom – Eye Do Eye [Rêveur LP]
The Buttertones – Two-Headed Shark [Gravedigging LP]
Nap Eyes – Your Samples, Our Obsession [Our First 100 Days LP]
Bent – Chew Song [Mattress Springs 7″]
Man From Uranus – Alien Frogs [Alien Flowers LP]
A Thousand Hours – Rainy Days [Endless Grey LP]
Control Of The Going – She [single]
Lush Purr – (I Admit It) I’m A Gardener [Cuckoo Waltz LP]
Tampopo – Tv Food [Tampopo cs]
Vanishing – Nightvisions [Vanishing LP]
The Cairo Gang – In The Heart Of Her Heart [Untouchable LP]
The Janitors – Trojan Goat [Horn Ur Marken LP]
Model/Actriz – Liar [No EP]
Polish Club – Beat Up [Alright Already LP]
Hiccup – Dad Jokes [Imaginary Enemies LP]
Lögnhalsmottagningen – Första Dan På Resten Av Ditt Skitliv [Allt Om Hat EP]
The Secret Goldfish – X [Petal Split LP]
Shitkid – Alright [Fish LP]
Madonnatron – Headless Children [single]

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