A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Uranium Club – Man Is The Loneliest Animal [The Cosmo Cleaners: The Higher Calling Of Business Provocateurs LP]
Ben Woods – Romancy [single]
Cleaning Women – Life Among The Concrete Dust [Intersubjectivity LP]
Culte – I Never Cry [Culte EP]
Fake Laugh – Surrounded [Honesty/Surrounded single]
Gurr – Fake News [She Says EP]
Married Man – Meet Me at Penn Station [Hard Bargain LP]
Palehound – Killer [single]
Girl Germs – Beer For Dinner [Boy’s Club LP]
Modern Nature – Nature [Nature EP]
Space Mountain – Jessie [Togetherness LP]
Sharkmuffin – Fate [Gamma Gardening LP
Tamaryn – Paranoia IV [Dreaming The Dark LP]
VR SEX – Surrender [Human Traffic Jam LP]
Automelodi – Les Métros Disparus [Mirages Au Futur Verne Brise LP]
Housewives – Speak To Me [Twilight Splendour LP]
Beauty Stab – Clothes [O Eden EP]
Diagram – In My Heart, In My Soul [Transmission Response LP]
The Shifters – Photo Op [Hip Blister EP]
Duster – Memphis Sophisticate [Capsule Losing Contact LP]
American Football – I Can’t Feel You [American Football LP
Vassals – When You Hear My Bell [Demarcation Lines LP]
Dirty Laces – Moving Pictures [Moving Pictures single]
Plague Vendor – New Comedown [By Night single]
Rakta – Flor da Pele [Falha Comum LP]

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