A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Hermetic Delight – A Void [F.A. Cult LP]
Sonic Youth – Death Valley ’69 (Live) [Live In Brooklyn 2011 LP]
R.M.F.C. – Faux Freaks [Reader 7″]
Slowness – Anon, Pt 1 [Part Time Punks Session LP]
Girls In Synthesis – The Images Agree [The Images Agree single]
Fur – Grow Up [single LP]
Death Valley Girls – Rock ‘N’ Roll/EGA [single]
Parsnip – Adding Up [single]
Jennifer Touch – Daria [Behind The Wall LP]
Permanent Collection – Breakaway [Nothing Good Is Normal LP]
Sports Team – Long Hot Summer [Deep Down Happy LP]
Team Picture – This Is The [The Menace Of Mechanical Music LP]
Dollar Bar – Ketjap Manis [Pyrrhic Victory LP]
Grey Hairs – Ghost In Your Own Life [“Halloween” – Live at JT Soar LP]
Bananagun – The Master [The True Story of Bananagun LP]
The Stroppies – Sad Sorry Soul [Look Alive LP]
Closed Mouth – A Void [Conversation Piece LP]
No Joy – Nothing Will Hurt [Motherhood LP]
Soft Set – Never Die [Single]
Owen – I Should’ve Known [The Avalanche LP]
Anthroprophh – Too Old [Toilet Circuit EP]
Forest Bees – Subverter Of Geography [Forest Bees LP]
Songs of Green Pheasant – Hello [Single]
The Battles of Winter – Block S Falls [Single]
The Mystery Plan – Sweet Tart [Zsa Zsa LP]
Ash Code – Nite Rite [Part Time Punks Session LP]

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