A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

S:Bahn – Sync or Swim [Queen of Diamonds LP]
93millionmilesfromthesun – Yesterday Morning [Northern Star Lockdown Live LP]
BODY DOUBLE – Bitch On Wheels (JooJoo Remix) Single]
MJ Guider – Simulus [Sour Cherry Bell LP]
Adulkt Life – Taking Hits [Book Of Curses LP]
Eyedress – Jealous [Let’s Skip To The Wedding LP]
Drahla – Twelve Divisions Of The Day [Live In LA LP]
Surfer Blood – Summer Trope [Carefree Theatre LP]
The Bats – Another Door [Foothills LP]
Emma Kupa – I Keep An Eye Out [It Will Come Easier LP]
Latitude – Thursday Is The New Sunday [Mystic Hotline LP]
Slow Pulp – At It Again [Moveys LP]
Nothing – Say Less [The Great Dismal LP]
Black Mekon – Nice Nuke [The Lumpiness of Demand LP]
Osees – Upbeat Ritual [Protean Threat LP]
Daily Worker – Street Cred [SHELTER IN TAPES Vol. 4 (Lo​-​Fi quarantine recordings) LP]
Keys – This Side Of Luv [Home Schooling: A Collection of 4-Track Rarities LP]
Chris Smith – Second Hand Smoke [Second Hand Smoke LP]
Alien Nosejob – Airborne Toxic Event [Once Again The Present Becomes The Past LP]
Hideous Sun Demon – Distractions [Distractions single]
Pearl Charles – What I Need [Magic Mirror LP]
Shining Bird – Strange Land [Deadlands LP]
Dick Move – Jerk [Chop! LP]
The Persian Leaps – Patience [Smiling Lessons LP]
The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Your Parents Were Wrong About You [You Might Be Happy Someday LP]
The Shifters – Left Bereft [Left Bereft EP]
The Wake – Hammer Hall [Perfumes and Fripperies LP]
Superchunk – Throwing Things (Live) [Clambakes Vol. 10: Only in My Dreams – Live in Tokyo 2009 LP]
Pet Shimmers – Live-In Atrocity [Trash Earthers LP]
Stephen Malkmus – Juliefuckingette [Single]
Tor – It’s Novel, It’s Unique, It’s Shithouse! [WIFI HEAD EP]
Die! Die! Die! – I Seek Misery [450 / I Seek Misery single]

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