A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Human Rites – Boorb [Birth LP]
Deserta – Save Me [Black Aura My Sun LP]
Sarah Mary Chadwick – Let’s Fight [Please Daddy LP]
Kim Gordon – Don’t Play It [No Home Record LP]
loulou – Photosynthesis [Single]
The Just Joans – Another Doomed Relationship [The Private Memoirs And Confessions Of The Just Joans LP]
Buildings – Bear The Dog [Negative Sound LP]
Nothingheads – Cockroach 2051 [Single]
Lost Talk – Nervous Highways [Tenterhooks LP]
Fontaines D.C. – Boys in the Better Land [Live at Glastonbury Festival,2019]
Wire – Primed & Ready [Mind Hive LP]
Hurtsfall – 12 Long Years [single LP]
Trigger Cut – I Know She Knows [Buster LP]
Gomme – Febuary Song [Absent Healing LP]
Handle – Punctured Time [In Threes LP]
Alien Nosejob – Weight Of The World [Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud LP]
Mush – Revising My Fee [3D Routine LP]
Seawhores – Cold Beauty [The Last Temptation of Supper EP]
Billiam – Smoke Attack [There’s Gotta Be Hope, Right? CS]
Gee Tee – FBI (Alternative Version) [There’s Gotta Be Hope, Right? CS]
Ill Globo – Check The Odds [There’s Gotta Be Hope, Right? CS]
Jarrow – These Days II [There’s Gotta Be Hope, Right? CS]
Kill Bell – Baby [There’s Gotta Be Hope, Right? CS]
Pinch Points – Shibboleth (Live At PBS) [There’s Gotta Be Hope, Right? CS]
R.M.F.C. – The Clue [There’s Gotta Be Hope, Right? CS]
lié – Digging in the Desert [You Want it Real LP]
The Wants – The Motor [Container LP]
Purple Heart Parade – Starwheel [Desolation Angel LP]

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