A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Dreamtigers – For Sally [Ellapsis LP]
Grivo – There [Omit LP]
deathcrash – What To Do [Return LP]
TAPE TOY – Honey, WTF [Honey, WTF LP]
Mild Orange – This Kinda Day [Looking For Space LP]
Partner Look – Geelong [By the Book LP]
The Mute Servants – Broken Ladder [Seven Inch]
A Place to Bury Strangers – My Head Is Bleeding [See Through You LP]
Walk Home Drunk – First Swim [Time Flies EP]
The Slow Future – Skeletonland [The Slow LP]
Sad Eyed Beatniks – Who’s That [Claudia’s Ethereal Weaver LP]
Love Object – No Smiling [New Flesh LP]
BODIES – Woods [Ghost Hoaxing.LP]
Exek – (I’m After) Your Best Interest [Advertise Here LP]
Walt Disco – Macilent [Unlearning LP]
Rolo Tomassi – Labyrinthine [Where Myth Becomes Memory LP]
Pom Poko – Our House [This Is Our House EP]
Great Lakes – Easy When You Know How [Contenders LP]
You Said Strange – Treat Me [Thousand Shadows Vol.1 LP]
Clear Capsule – Grace Face [Gravity Licker LP]
Richard James Simpson – Playing God [Sugar The Pill LP]
Japanese Heart Software – Sentimental Heart [SOFT LP]
Super Hit – My Headphones [Everything Is Shit LP]
Loose Fit – Exhale [Social Graces LP]
Clt Drp – Ownership [Torx / Ownership EP]
Parker Sprout – Clear [Milk In The Sun LP]
Empath – Bell [Visitor LP]
Andy Bell – Jenny Holzer B. Goode [Flicker LP]
Bitter Branches – Along Came A Bastard [Along Came A Bastard b/w Fraudulent 7″]
Joywave – We Are All We Need [Cleanse LP]
Die! Die! Die! – 15 Years [This Is Not An Island Anymore LP]
The Chats – Struck By Lightning [Struck By Lightning 7″]

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