A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Pearly* – Post Key BCP [Pearly* EP]
GIFT – Wish Me Away [single]
MILLY – Drip From The Fountain [Your Own Becoming LP]
neutrals – Wish You Were Here [New Town Dream LP]
Rain Recordings – Stars Inside [Terns in Idle LP]
Slate – Remoter Heaven [Deathless LP]
somesurprises – Bodymind [Perseids LP]
Cloud Nothings – Mouse Policy [Final Summer LP]
Melvins – She’s Got Weird Arms [Tarantula Heart LP]
Repairs – Strange Times [Disappointing Sequel LP
Yur Mum – Say Say [single]
Einstürzende Neubauten – Ist Ist [Rampen – APM: Alien Pop Music LP]
Still House Plants – Headlight [If I don’t make it, I love u LP]
BODEGA – ATM [Our Brand Could Be Yr Life LP]
Drahla – zig zag [Angeltape LP]
MELTS – Shelter Of The Shade [Field Theory LP]
Candy – eXistenZ [It’s Inside You LP]
Nights Templar – Floorboards [Half The Year LP]
The Bug Club – Can You Change a Thing [Rare Birds: Hour of Song LP]
Fat White Family – Today You Become Man [Forgiveness Is Yours LP]
Air Formation – Only So Much Light [Air Formation LP]
HighSchool – Heaven’s Gate [Accelerator LP]
Immersion | Cubzoa – Other Ways [Nanocluster Vol 2 LP]
Cold Cave – Shadow Dance [single]
Cult Hero – Troubadour Blues [Born into the Family / Troubadour Blues single]
Cruush – Headspace [Nice Things Now, All The Time LP]
Metz – Superior Mirage [Up On Gravity Hill LP]
Seagoth – Don’t Stare [How To Stay Wide Awake LP]
CURSES – Elegant Death [single]
Kate Clover – No More Romance [The Apocalypse Dream LP]
Neon Kittens – Everything Happens When You Don’t [It’s a No Thing! LP
Twin Coast – I’d like to be [Noie! noie! noie!LP]
Wisp – Enough for you [Pandora LP]
Beat Rhythm Fashion – Remote Science [Critical Mass LP]

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