A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Deeper – Fame [Careful LP]
The Veldt – Shallow by Shallow [Illuminated 1989 LP
CLT DRP – Nothing Clever, Just Feelings [Nothing Clever, Just Feelings LP]
Who Is She? – Please Don’t Kick Us Out [Goddess Energy LP]
Bruce Haack – Metric Conversion [Captain Entropy LP]
Green Palm Radiation – Silent Subversion [Post Fear LP]
Sweet Williams – LL Jack (Van Coeur remix) [Young To Run The Hounds EP]
Wax Head – Alkaline Drifter [Salt Fat Acid Heat LP]
Quade – Circles [Nacre LP]
Koalra – The Clouds Still Hang On You [Disasterclass LP]
The Happy Now? – Missteps Designed [Are You Happy Now.EP]
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Self Love [Dark Rainbow LP]
Hotline TNT – Stump [Cartwheel LP]
Corridor – Mourir Demain [Mimi LP]
The Whistling Heads – Well I Mean [single]
USA Nails – Cathartic Entertainment [Feel Worse LP]
the churchhill garden – dreamless [single]
The Klittens – Atlas [Butter LP]
Savage Mansion – Present Tense [The Shakes LP]
Sorry Monks – Do You Know How It Feels [Girlfriend EP]
Hanemoon – My Circle Line [Rain or Shine LP]
The American Analog Set – You Don’t Want Me To Arrive, Do You? [Mellow Fellow LP]
Astral Bakers – Pretty Scar [The Whole Story LP]
Camera Obscura – Big Love [Look to the East, Look to the West LP]
Chaser – Forced Resignation [Planned Obsolescence LP]
Def Nettle – The Pills [DN001 LP]
Flowertown – The Ring [Tourist Language LP]
Sincere Engineer – Fireplace [Cheap Grills LP]
Laney Blue – Blanket Fort [single]
The Uranium Club – Tokyo, Paris, L.A., Milan [Infants Under The Bulb LP]
Gentleman Jesse – Where Time Stands Still [Drunk Dial #12 7″]
Grazia – Speed Freak [In Poor Taste EP]
Joyer – Silver Moon [Night Songs LP]
Topographies – Cleanse [Interior Spring LP]
Gentle Spring – Dodge The Rain [Under The Bridge 2 – Various Artists LP]

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