Human Pleasure radio 17th January 2022….I don’t complain a lot.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Slow Down, Molasses – Revisionists [Minor Deaths LP]
TRAITRS – Mouth Poisons [Horses In The Abattoir LP]
Church Girls – Separated [Still Blooms LP]
Ducks Ltd. – 18 Cigarettes [Modern Fiction LP]
Duquette Johnston – Year to Run [The Social Animals LP]
Nordir – How To Sail Your Ship (2077) [single]
I Am A Rocketship – Ignorance [Lies And Legends LP]
The Rightovers – Stereocrush [Kruise Kontrol EP]
shambolics – if you want it [single]
Die Cigaretten – Emotional Eater [Emotional Eater LP]
Bitumen – Moving Now Now Now [Cleareye Shining LP]
Flatsound – Last Minute Cycle [Last Minute Cycle LP]
Fine Place – I Can’t Shake It [This New Heaven LP]
HOO – You Changed The Way You Smile [We Shall Never Speak LP]
Rhinestone Pickup Truck – Fault [Sad Planet LP]
Artsick – Look Again [Fingers Crossed LP]
Nicfit – Deviation [Fuse LP]
Alien Boy – How Do I Think When Yr Asleep? [Don’t Know What I Am LP]
Blood Red Shoes – Comply [Ghosts On Tape LP]
Weakened Friends – Everything Is Better [Quitter LP]
Mule Jenny – Joy and Deception [All These Songs Of Love And Death LP]
Foxx Bodies – Breakfast [Vixen LP]
Civic TV – Clean [Black Moon LP]
Hand Habits – The Answer [Fun House LP]
Salem Trials – Posture [Something PRETTY DRASTIC LP]
Struggles With Syntax – Ticky [Petrichor LP]
Empath – Diamond Eyelids [Visitor LP]
Why Bother? – Dead Again [A Year of Mutations LP]
Holodrum – Free Advice [Holodrum LP]

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