A brief snapshot of the current rock and roll scene in Australia, watch this space…   

…on with the show 

Bitch PrefectSunday    [Big Time LP] listen/buy
Absolute BoysChina Heights    [Heavy Flow LP] 
Dick DiverCalendar Days    [Calendar Days LP] 
Bed Wetting Bad BoysSally    [Ready For Boredom LP] 
Total ControlScene From A Marriage    [single]
SuperstarFine Wine    [A Toast To… LP] 
Blank RealmWorking On Love    [Go Easy LP] 
SongsThe Country    [Malabar LP] listen/buy
The Living EyesWays To Make A Living    [The Living Eyes LP] listen/buy
The StevensI Look Back    [S/T EP] listen/buy
Buried Feather In The Sun    [Buried Feather LP] listen/buy
CuntzMeth    [Aloha LP] listen/buy
Taco LegMyths    [Taco Leg LP]
Rat ColumnsDying Day    [Sceptre Hole LP] listen/buy
Peak TwinsSteppin’ Off    [Steppin’ Off  7″]
Camperdown & OutHey Woman   [ Couldn’t Be Better LP] listen/buy
Super Wild HorsesHeavy Step    [Crosswords LP] 
Woollen KitsSusannah    [Four Girls LP] 
Bowl CutShe’ll Be Right    [Sexist Texas Split single] freedownload
The Spinning RoomsBuddy    [The Spinning Rooms LP] listen/buy
Los TonesBuchanan Hammer   [single] listen
BeachesSend Them Away    [She Beats LP]  listen/buy
Ooga BoogasArchie & Me    [Ooga Boogas LP] 
Lower PlentyDirty Flowers    [Hard Rubbish LP]  

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