A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say..  

 …on with this weeks show

Mac Demarco – Treat Her Better  [Salad Days LP]
Miles Brown
Electrics ( Cavill Remix By Asps)  [Miles Brown “Electrics” Remix EP]
Pairs Blue Dress  [Maleika on Casley LP]
White Hex
Gold  [Gold Nights LP]
El Maresme  [Pikes Peak LP]
Travelling Ferry  [Acrobat EP]
Soda Eaves
Doll  [Like Drapes Either Side LP]
Honey Bucket
When All The Beatles Are Dead  [Futon cs]
SwansOxygen  [To Be Kind LP]
Clip Art
By The Flame  [Clip Art EP]
Full Ugly
Hilly Street  [Spent The Afternoon LP]
Cretin Stompers
Randy Kraft  [Looking Forward To Being Attacked LP]
Southern Comfort
Suzanne  [7″]
The Man
Pay  [Carousel Of Sound 7″ EP]
Cosmic Thoughts
No Youth  [Cosmic Thoughts LP]
Aunt Peg  [Midwestern Family Values LP]
Death Valley GirlsShadow  [Street Venom LP]
Telstar Drugs
Unglued  [Endless Straight EP]
The Soft Look
Stay In The Dark  [Tesserae LP]
Marie Davidson
Shaky Leg  [Perte D’identite LP]

Podcast Only Tracks

SavagesDream Baby Dream (Suicide Cover)  [Fuckers/Dream Baby Dream 12″]
Screaming Females
A New Kid  [Live At The Hideout LP]
Gemini   [More Than Any Other Day LP]
Virgin of the Birds
Every Revelry   [Winter Seeds LP]
Bastard Mountain
Swam Like Sharks   [Farewell, Bastard Mountain LP] 

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