A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say.. 

….on with this weeks show 

Bitch PrefectAn Education (Feeling Lazy)  [Bird Nerds LP] 
Per PurposeLoss Recuperation  [Circle The Stains LP] 
SilverbacksReunion  [Lotion LP] listen/buy
The LiminanasBB   [Costa Blanca LP] 
Melt-BananaVertigo  Game   [Fetch LP] 
Future Of The LeftSinging Of The Bonesaws  [How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident LP] 
So SexualPeople Talk  [Transient Scenes EP] 
September GirlsShips  [Ships CS]
The WharvesMotif  [The Wharves / The Rosy Crucifixion Split LP] 
WeavesTake A Dip  [Take A Dip single] 
Whores I Am Not A Goal-Oriented Person  [Clean LP] 
Perfect Pussy4  [I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling CS] 
Hank 3Brothers Of The 4×4  [Brothers Of The 4×4 LP] 
Hank IIIDifferent From The Rest  [A Fiendish Threat LP] 
CrosssSacred Cow  [Obsidian Spectre LP] 
SeniumYou’re Not From Here  [You’re Not From Here LP] 
Teeth Of The SeaReaper  [Master LP]
GoatStonegoat (Live)  [Live Ballroom Ritual LP] 
Shivering WindowReburner  [Dare To Be Nothing CS] 
CapsulaBlind  [Solar Secrets LP]
HoneybreathUncommon Man  [Need No One EP]
IlllsColleen  [Hideout From The Feeders LP] 
The Wytchesshes so far out  [Thunder Lizard Revisited CS] 
Be Forest Captured Heart  [Earthbeat LP] 
Tess ParksSomedays  [Blood Hot LP]

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