A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say..

 …on with this weeks show

Bare Grillz – Heaps, Shoe Tan  [Friends LP]
Blank Realm
Reach You On The Phone  [Grassed Inn LP]
Eagulls – Yellow Eyes  [Eagulls LP]
Ava LunaDaydream  [Electric Balloon LP]
SpectresThe Sky Of All Places  [Single]
Tv Colours
I Soon Found Out My Lonely Life Wasn’t So Pretty  [Purple Skies, Toxic River LP]
Cumbres CarrascosaWarm  [Nevertheless Introductory EP]
The Beverleys
Bad Company  [The Beverleys EP]
Holy Wave
Psychological Thriller  [Relax LP]
Guided By Voices
Writer’s Bloc (Psycho All The Time) [ Motivational Jumpsuit LP]
Stephen Hudson And The Fiat Pandas
Yer Grandma’s Pearls  [Two Love Songs single]
Ravioli Me Away
Mic Check  [Ravioli Me Away split LP]
Dog Chocolate
Tony’s Umbrella  [Or split LP]
Dead Leaf Echo
True.Deep.Sleeper  [True.Deep.Sleeper EP]
Geographic  [Cheatahs LP]
Children Of Leir
Simulations  [Children Of Leir LP]
Every Girl  [Every Girl 7″]
Girl Band
Heckle The Frames  [Lawman 7″] 
SwervedriverDeep Wound  [Deep Wound 7″] 
Tess ParksOpen Your Mind  [Blood Hot LP] 
A Million Billion Dying SunsHey Man  [Strawberry EP]
Biennal Drool  [Thinkers EP
Soft Metals
Hourglass (Marbeya Sound Remix)  [Lenses Remixes LP]
Lè Travo
Heyday  [Erring And Errant LP] 

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