Live SXSW session this week from Suuns recorded at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop, Austin, Texas, USA. Via KEXP 

…and on with the show. 

Tear TalkOnly Illusions    [B R E A T H E 7″]  listen/buy
The Cult Of Dom KellerBlack Pullet Blues    [The Cult Of Dom Keller LP] 
MudhoneyChardonnay    [Vanishing Point LP]
SongsGood Times    [Malabar LP] listen/buy
SpectresMaybe You Shouldn’t Be Living Here    [Hunger EP] 
BleachedDead Boy    [Ride Your Heart LP] 
Cold CaveA Little Death To Laugh    [A Little Death To Laugh single] 
Battery Operated OrchestraFinish Line    [Tsk!? LP] 
Carmen VillainKingwoman    [Sleeper LP]
Cy DuneResentment    [No Recognize EP]
Camperdown & OutHey Woman    [Couldn’t Be Better LP] listen/buy
Dead RiverWitch Hands    [Dead River EP] listen/buy
MerchandiseWho Are You?    [Totale Nite LP] 
The SweetsThat Man Touched Me    [Montequilla EP] freedownload

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