Live session this week from K-Holes recorded at Glasslands,
Brooklyn, NY USA. Courtesy of [free download]

…and on with the show…

Bob MouldSilver Age    [Silver Age LP] 
Dinosaur Jr.Pierce The Morning Rain    [I Bet On Sky LP] 
Home BlitzRolling With The Moody Girls    [Frozen Track Ep]
LiminanasAf3458    [Crystal Anis LP] 
Sauna YouthHairstyles    [Dreamlands LP] buy
FidlarNo Waves    [Don’t Try EP] 
Goitia DeitzHelicopter    [Helicopter/Forever Single] buy
Deerhoof  – Flower     [Breakup Song LP] 
The XXFiction    [Coexist LP] 
Zen MantraSoothsayer   [web] freedownload
Dark Dark DarkTell Me    [Who Needs Who LP] 
Indoor VoicesSo Smart    [So Smart LP]
The Cast Of CheersGoose    [Family LP]

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