Live session this week from Gross Magic recorded at The Paradiso, Amsterdam for London Calling  2012.

…and on with the show…   

ApostilleWrong    [Single]
FurrowGravitate Towards You    [Country Slide CS] listen/buy
Guided By VoicesThe Challenge Is Much More    [The Bears For Lunch LP]
PairsMean Buzz    [If This Cockroach Doesn’t Die, I Will. LP] listen/buy 
The BabiesSlow Walking    [Our House On The Hill LP] 
Cult Of YouthGarden Of Delights    [Love Will Prevail LP]
KyteLove To Be Lost    [Love To Be Lost LP] 
Woollen KitsSusannah    [Four Girls LP]
Eternal TapestryThe Currents Of Space    [A World Out Of Time LP] 
Peoples TempleBlinding City    [More For The Masses LP] 
GamesListen    [S/T LP]
Jupiter LionKrokodil    [Jupiter Lion LP] 
Bos AngelesDays Of Youth    [Taking Out The Trash LP] listen/buy 
NothingThe Dives (Lazarus In Ashes)    [Downward Years To Come EP] listen/buy

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