No live session this week, instead we have another fine selection of musical goodness, I’m having too much fun listening to new tunes…so I’m sharing them with you. 

…and on with the show… 

Os DrongosDancing Balloon    [Greetings From Cuckoo Bay 7″] 
Thought FormsLanding    [Ghost Mountain LP] 
Filthy HunsHot Morning    [Filthy Huns CS] 
Black BugReflecting the Light    [Reflecting The Light LP] 
PopulationWhite Crosses    [White Crosses EP]
Schonwald  – Gemini   [Mercurial 7″] 
Rainbow Gun ShowCinderella Sizzle    [7″] 
Georgiana StarlingtonDry As A Bone    [Paper Moon LP]  listen
Happy New Year High Sea    [Split 7″ with Nite Fields] freedownload
TeenBetter    [ In Limbo LP] 
Just HandshakesLondon Bound    [London Bound single] freedownload 
Lust For YouthWe Planted A Seed    [Growing Seeds LP] 
K-X-P  – Magnetic North   [II LP] 
Palma VioletsRattlesnake Highway    [180 LP] 
SuunsMinor Work    [Images Du Futur LP] 
Useless EatersLife On A Grid    [Hypertension LP] 
Salad BoysI’m A Mountain    [Salad Boys CS] freedownload 
Destruction UnitEvil Man    [Void LP] 
The Amazing SnakeheadsTestifying Time  [soundcloud] 

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.