As we wait to get back into the studio after the quake, we will continue to keep RDU alive from our bedrooms…and this week we learned of the Pegasus type rise of RDU. Stay turned for further update, it’s all very exciting.

Capsula-Into my Skull [In the Land of Silver Souls LP]
Cold Cave-Alchemy Around You [Cherish The Light Years LP]
Detachments-Audio Video (Headman Remix) [Audio Video Remix 12″]
EMA-Milkman [Past Life Martyred Saints LP]
Gold-Bears-In This City, I’m Invincible [Are You Falling In Love? LP]
Gun Outfit-Ring a Bell [High Places 12″]
Implodes-Meadowsland [Black Earth LP]
Dolphins-Escape [Brew / DTTR split 10″]
Blacklisters-ClubFoot (Kasabian cover) [Brew / DTTR split 10″]
TV Ghost-Cancor [Mass Dream LP]
The Vera Violets-Let the Silence End [In Between Fires LP]
The Vaccines-We’re Happening [Live From London, England LP]
The Oscillation-Fall [Veils LP]
Spectre Folk-Keep Your Teeth Clean [The Blackest Medicine, Vol. II EP]
Soft Kill-Feral Moans [An Open Door LP]
Ponytail-Honey Touches [Do Whatever You Want All The Time LP]
Peoples Temple-Visions of The Sun [Sons of Stone LP]
MV & EE-Foxy One [Country Stash LP]
A Grave With No Name-Feathers [Streams 7″]
Purling Hiss-In The Sun [Moon Duo-Mazes Remixed EP]
Foot Village-Lovers With Iraqis [Lovers With Iraqis 7″]
Chromagain-Spot [Any Colour We Liked
Davila 666-Ratata [Tan Bajo LP]
Eternal Tapestry-cosmic manhunt [Beyond the 4th Door LP]
Frankie And The Heartstrings-Possibilities [Hunger LP]
MEN-Make It Reverse [Talk About Body LP]
Religious To Damn-Drifter [Glass Prayer LP]
That Ghost-The Older [Songs Out Here LP]
The Sunday Reeds-Over [Dark Rainbows EP]
The Death Set-I Like The Wrong Way [Michel Poiccard LP]
Youngteam-Northern Star [Daydreamer LP
Lower Heaven-Firearms [Today Is All We Have LP
Acetate Zero-Are You Ready To Fall [LE REGLAGE PRECIS DU ZERO LP]
Chapter 24-Gregory [single]
Honeydrum-Saturday Morning [Saturdays EP freedownload

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