No live session this week, instead we have another fine selection of musical goodness. There is a massive selection to quality tunes around at the moment…so I’m sharing them with you.    

…and on with the show… 

Thee Oh SeesNo Spell    [Floating Coffin LP] 
Black BugThreads    [Reflecting The Light LP] 
Tropical PopsicleAge Of Attraction    [Dawn Of Delight LP] 
Tear TalkB R E A T H E    [B R E A T H E 7″] listen/buy  
ExhaustionKeep The Change    [Future Eaters LP] listen/buy 
Black PusMarauder    [All My Relations LP] 
Thought FormsOnly Hollow   [ Ghost Mountain LP] 
Julies HaircutWho Is He And What Is He To You    [Downtown Love Tragedies split single] 
SchonwaldMercurial    [Mercurial 7″] 
Rainbow Gun ShowDemon U-Wave    [Cinderella Sizzle 7″] 
SpectresMaybe You Shouldn’t Be Living Here    [Hunger EP] 
The Beardy DurfsRedhead    [soundcloud] 
PeteyBuy Us A House    [Watauga 7″] listen/buy 
Dub ChieftainOrca Vision    [Skill, Stamina And Luck LP] 
Grave BabiesOver And Under Ground    [Crusher LP] 
WaxahatcheeBrother Bryan    [Cerulean Salt LP] 
Vision FortuneXVII    [Mas Fiestas Con El Grupo Vision Fortune LP] listen/buy
Salad BoysDaytime Television    [Salad Boys CS] listen/buy

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.