Short show this week due to technical issues, but not to worry the music still goes on

Acid Kicks-Masonic Tide [Life Dreams 7′]
Killing Joke-The Wait (Live) [Down By The River LP]
Selebrities-Living Dead [Delusions LP]
Allo Darlin’-Northern Lights [Europe LP]
Memoryhouse-Little Expressionless Animals [The Slideshow Effect LP]
Disappears-All Gone White [Pre Language LP]
Cate Le Bon-Fold The Cloth [Cyrk LP]
Buildings-Born On A Bomb [Melt Cry Sleep LP]
Cheap Girls-Manhattan On Mute [Giant Orange LP]
Django Django-Firewater [Django Django LP]
Household-Go Away [Items LP]
The Sunday Reeds-Kill This Party [Kill This Party EP]
No Anchor-Rope [Rope 7″]

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