Part two of the end of year trip down memory lane, playing a random selection of tunes from releases that found their way onto the show this year.

In no particular order…

Pins – Say To Me    [Luvu4lyf EP]
Hollows – Field Fire On Jordan Street    [Vulture LP]
Last Remaining Pinnacle – Lies    [Visitors LP]
Lotus Plaza – Eveningness    [Spooky Action At A Distance LP]
Seapony – Tell Me So    [Falling LP]
Pinkish Black – Everything Went Dark    [Self Titled LP]
Ex-Cult – Shade Of Red    [Ex-Cult LP]
Glow Kit – Misunderstood    [Glow Kit LP]
Strange Hands – She’s Mine    [Dead Flowers LP]
The Magnetic Fields – Your Girlfriend’s Face    [Love At The Bottom Of The Sea LP]
Tame Impala – Be Above It    [Lonerism LP]
Radar Eyes – Miracle    [Radar Eyes LP]
Pairs – Mean Buzz    [If This Cockroach Doesn’t Die, I Will. LP]
Parquet Courts – Yonder Is Closer To The Heart    [Light Up Gold LP]
Mushy – I Dont Care    [Breathless LP]
Goat – Goathead    [World Music LP]
Guided By Voices – She Lives In An Airport    [The Bears For Lunch LP]
Gum – Anna Sang & Alison    [Seventeen EP]
Japandroids – Younger Us    [Celebration Rock LP]
Indoor Voices – Still    [Indoor Voices EP]
The Lost Rivers – Fall    [Sin And Lostness LP]
Samantha Glass – Delicate Living Room    [Midnight Arrival tape]
The Lovely Eggs – Food    [Wildlife LP]
Piano Magic – Life Is A Slow Death    [Chemical Ep]  

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