First show of the year and into the new tunes, some new for this year and some newly discovered from last year. 

…and on with the show… 

Shacklock Meth Party – Hollywood    [Jurassic Park Changed My Life EP] freedownload
Slowness – Wired    [For Those Who Wish To See The Glass Half Full LP]
Gayze – All Night    [Black Soul EP] freedownload
Yo La Tengo – Paddle Forward    [Fade LP]
I Am Ampersand – Eko    [Grave Goods LP]
Widowspeak – The Dark Age    [Almanac LP]
Bed Wetting Bad Boys – Bite My Tongue    [Ready For Boredom LP]
Beak> – Kenn    [Mono / Ken single]
Flowers – When You Lie    [Flowers 7″]
Mmoss – Another Dream    [Only children LP]
Spectres – 14 Years    [soundcloud] freedownload
Esben And The Witch – Deathwaltz    [Wash the Sins Not Only the Face LP]
Fuzz – This Time I Got A Reason    [single]   
The Liminanas  – La Fille De La Ligne 15   [single]   
Superstar – Fine Wine    [A Toast to…    LP]
Camera – Ausland    [Radiate! LP]
Raw Prawn – None Left    [Raw Prawn EP]
Piresian Beach – Easter    [Alle Falle LP] freedownload
Soft Kill – Red Walls    [Circle Of Trees LP]
The Spinning Rooms – Don’t Stop Me    [The Spinning Rooms LP] 

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