Live SXSW session this week from Palma Violets recorded at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop, Austin, Texas, USA. Via KEXP

…and on with the show.

The Cakekitchen – Back of a Bus  [Calm Before The Storm LP] listen/buy
Slowness – Walls Of Blue  [For Those Who Wish To See The Glass Half Full LP] listen/buy
Poledo – Close That Door  [No More Parties. No More Friends. EP] listen/buy
Hookworms – Preservation  [Pearl Mystic LP] listen/buy
Camperdown & Out – Don’t Have A Dog  [Couldn’t Be Better LP] listen/buy
Ooga Boogas – It Is A Sign  [S/T LP]
Tyrannosaurus Dead – Soft  [Pure Apart EP] listen/buy
The Coathangers – Derek’s Song  [Coathangers/Nu Sensae Split 7″] listen/buy
Foot Village – New Jersey  [Make Memories LP] listen/buy
The Young Sinclairs – Hurt My Pride  [Hurt My Pride 7″] listen/buy
Vision Fortune – XV  [Mas Fiestas Con El Grupo Vision Fortune LP] listen/buy
Roberta Bondar – Doing It  [Hiss EP] listen/buy
Songs – The Country  [Malabar LP] listen/buy
Dick Diver – Lime Green Shirt  [Calendar Day LP] listen/buy

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.