No live session this week so  

….on with the show…    

Charlie Boyer And The VoyeursIt’s My Wish    [Be Glamorous 7″] 
Joey Fourr Yearbook    [Sunslime CS] 
NavelBarrels Of Love    [Loverboy LP] 
Life CoachLimitless Possibilities    [Alphawaves LP] 
BoatsSad Legs    [A Fairway Full Of Miners LP] 
Creative Adult Rushing Toward The Cemetery    [Bull In The Yard EP] 
Joe Gideon & The SharkThe Insignificant Buffet    [Freakish LP] 
Sector ZeroGuitar Attack    [ST 7″] 
Absolute BoysAt Last    [Heavy Flow LP] 
Kids On A Crime SpreeNew Ex-Boyfriend    [Creep The Creeps 7″] 
Public Service BroadcastingSignal 30    [Inform – Educate – Entertain LP] 
LoomerRide    [Ceiling EP] 
Terror Bird  – Try To Break Me   [All This Time LP] 
Pure XCrawling Up The Stairs    [Crawling Up The Stairs LP] 
Andre ObinThe Arsonist    [The Arsonist LP]
’83 GirlsHunting For Scraps    [Sweet Jeans, Faggot EP] freedownload 
No JoySlug Night    [Wait To Pleasure LP]
The KVBShadows    [Immaterial Visions LP] 
Young GalaxyPretty Boy    [Ultramarine LP]
Sparrow And The WorkshopShock Shock    [Murderopolis LP] 
Bestial MouthsHollowed    [A Split Release (with Deathday) EP]
Odonis OdonisIntelligence    [Better EP] 
His Name Is Codeine  – Replica Gun   [The Only Truth Is Music LP] 

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