Live session this week from Weekend recorded at KEXP, USA.

…and on with the show.

Asobi Seksu-Never Understand [HMM HMM HIM 7″]
Batwings Catwings-Radio [Radio 7″] buy
Suzy & los Quattro-Kick Ass [Hank LP]
Tubelord-My First Castle [Romance LP]
Sleep ∞ Over-Romantic Streams [Forever LP]
Twerps-Dreamin [Twerps LP]
Your Ghost-Hate You Now [E.P. EP]
2.54-Scarlet [EP]
This Town Needs Guns-Adventure, Stamina & Anger[single]
Woods-Skull [Summer 2011 Tour Split 7″]
Kurt Vile-IN/OUT Blues [Summer 2011 Tour Split 7″]
Zola Jesus-Seekir [Conatus LP]
Trash Talk-Awake [Awake EP]
Still Corners-I Wrote in Blood [Creatures of an Hour LP]
Shimmering Stars-East Van Girls [Violent Hearts LP]
Veronica Falls-All Eyes On You [Veronica Falls LP]
Real Estate-Wonder Years [Days LP]

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