Live session this week from Cold Showers recorded at Glasslands,
Brooklyn, NY USA. Courtesy of [free download]

…and on with the show… 

GumAnna Sang and Alison    [Seventeen Ep] 
FurrowConcrete Floor    [Country Slide EP]    freedownload 
Oh MinnowsHurry    [For Shadows LP] 
Toxie Newgate      [single] 
ClinicKing Kong    [Free Reign LP] 
Cold CaveA Little Death To Laugh    [Single] 
PinsLuvu4lyf    [Luvu4lyf Ep]
Tame ImpalaBe Above It    [Lonerism LP] 
Sex DreamSunbeam (Blood Shine)    [Sex Dream LP] 
ErrorsRelics    [New Relics LP] 
TwerpsWork It Out    [Work It Out 7″]
Cold PumasFog Cutter    [Persistent Malaise EP] 
John Foxx And The MathsMy Town    [Evidence LP] 
PinbackTrue North    [Information Retrieved LP]

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