Still no live session this week, instead we have another fine selection of musical goodness, I’m having too much fun listening to new tunes…so I’m sharing them with you. 

…and on with the show…  

Johnny MarrUpstarts    [Messanger LP] 
Screen Vinyl ImageToo Much Speed    [51:21 LP] listen/buy
The Spinning RoomsBuddy    [The Spinning Rooms LP] 
Palma VioletsStep Up For The Cool Cats    [180 LP] 
StrfkrLeave It All Behind    [Miracle Mile LP] 
Misfit ModCars    [Islands & Islands LP] listen/buy
Sea DwellerI See The Sea From Here    [Signs Of A Perfect Disaster LP] 
The CapsulesTime Will Only Tell    [Northern Lights & Southern Skies LP]
The History Of Apple PieSee You    [Out Of View LP] 
Psychic IllsFBI    [One Track Mind LP]
Sauna YouthFalse Jessii Pt 2    [False Jessii Pt 2 7″]
The MenElectric    [Electric / Water Babies 7″] 
ToxieNewgate    [ 7″] 
The Holydrug CoupleRed Moon    [Noctuary LP] listen/buy
Purling HissFace Down    [Water On Mars LP] 
GoldendustForever Midnight    [Goldendust LP]
It HurtsWashed Up    [The Thing That Stings CS]
NetilJesus, you are too far out    [Demo] 
Nite FieldsVacation    [Vacation 7″] 
Gun OutfitFlyin Low Maria    [Hard Comin Down LP]
Ducktails  – Ivy Covered House   [The Flower Lane LP] 

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.