Live session this week from The Funeral Party recorded somewhere in France…for a french radio station..

…and on with the show

Led Er Est-A Darkness in My Soul [Led Er Est / Ancien Régime split EP]
The Beets-Knock On Wood [Stay Home LP]
The Decemberists-Calamity Song [The King Is Dead LP]
The Republic Of Wolves-Home [The Cartographer EP]
Mind Spiders-Don’t Let Her Go [The Mind Spiders LP]
White Fence-Art Investor Collector [Is Growing Faith LP]
The Go! Team-The Running Range [Rolling Blackouts LP]
Fair Ohs-Jeanneret [Women/Cold Pumas/Fair Ohs/Friendo split 7″]
Cold Pumas-The French Note [Women/Cold Pumas/Fair Ohs/Friendo split 7″]
Young Circles-Sharp Teeth [Bones EP] buy download for US.50C
Frank (Just Frank)-Valerie [Frank (Just Frank) / Soviet Soviet Split LP]
Wire-German Shepherds [Strays EP]
Woodsman-Serfer [Rare Forms LP]
Nobunny-Live It Up [First Blood LP]
School Knights-Cliques [Rush SK EP]
Whirl-Blue [Distresser cassette] Buy download for US.10c
Mushy-Losing Days [Faded Heart LP]
The Vacant Lots-Cadillac [Confusion/Cadillac 7″]
Guided By Voices-Tractor Rape Chain [Live in Daytron LP]
Lower Heaven-Firearms [Today Is All We Have LP]
Cloud Nothings-Heartbeat [Cloud Nothings LP]

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