Live session this week from Acid Kicks recorded at Silk City Diner & Lounge in Philadelphia, PA, USA. [free download]

…and on with the show.

Lotus Plaza-White Galactic One [Spooky Action At A Distance LP]
Foxes!-The Panda Bear Song [Foxes! LP]
Electricity In Our Homes-Appletree [Dear Shareholder LP]
Bitches-Kill Birds, Eat Shit [Buster Ep]
S’s-Fuss [A Life Of Tragic Parties EP]
Liechtenstein-Passion For Water [Fast Forward LP]
Next Year’s Love-Xiao Ge Ge [Next Year’s Love EP] free download
Frankie Rose-Moon In My Mind [Interstellar LP]
Terry Malts-Waiting Room [Killing Time LP]
All The Saints-Alteration [Intro To Fractions LP]
Black Bananas-Foxy Playground [Rad Times Xpress Iv LP]
Clockwork Era-White Sound [Fear Inside Ep]
Xiu Xiu-Hi [Always LP]
Accordion Crimes-Extractor [Songs to Drive Wives Away LP]
Lightouts-The Cure For Shyness [The Cure For Shyness single]

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