Playlist for Monday, December 14th 2015…..’cause you’re in my heart

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

800beloved – Dent On Hill [Some Kind Of Distortion LP]
The Coolies – Scorpio 10 [Kaka LP]
Prolapse – One Illness 74 Tablets [Web]
Mommy Long Legs – Weird Girl [Assholes CS]
Ticktock – Off The Map [Fault Lines EP]
Jennylee – Offerings [Right On! LP]
Coke Weed – Dead Man Walking [Mary Weaver LP]
Miles Brown – Ghost [Séance Fiction LP]
Luke Haines – New Pagan Sun [British Nuclear Bunkers LP]
John Grant – Guess How I Know [Grey Tickles, Black Pressure LP]
Origami Horses – Big Big Black [In Love And In Dub LP]
Psychic Soviets – I Want Gary [A Whore Lunch/Capitalist Night-Time Breakfast CS]
Rocket From The Tombs – Nugefinger [Black Record LP]
Wreckless Eric – Several Shades Of Green [America LP]
Pumice – Why I Chew My Sleeves [Puddles LP]
Wavering Hands – A Trap [In Wet Sand LP]
Wives – Buried [Devoted To You LP]
Chupa Cabra – My Girl [Too Pure Singles Club 7″]
Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Phototones [Other Voices 06 7″]
Kill Your Boyfriend – Frank [The King Is Dead LP]
Strange Faces – Still Lit [Stonerism LP]
Housewives – Life Swell [Work LP]
Big Hush – Say Anything [Who’s Smoking Your Spirit? CS]
Shunkan – Blue [The Pink Noise LP]

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