Human Pleasure radio 1/8th August 2022….and, I liked it!

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

The People’s Pleasure Grounds – Something New [single]
Lucy and The Drill Holes – It’s Not My War [single]
Flying Moon in Space – Ill Ill Ill [Zwei LP]
Fresh – Why Do I [Raise Hell LP]
ALASKALASKA – Still Life [Still Life LP]
Big Joanie – Happier Still [Back Home LP]
FLOSSING – Men on the Menu [World of Mirth LP]
The Nightingales – I 🖤 CCTV [The Last Laugh LP]
Violet French and The Horrible – Been Too Busy Crying [Violet French and The Horrible EP]
Jim Nothing – Yellow House [In The Marigolds LP]
Noon Garden – Villa [Beulah Spa LP]
Golden Apples – Secret Life [Golden Apples LP]
Sweet Reaper – Fun Dip [Street Sweeper LP]
The Mutual Torture – Don’t [Don’t LP]
Mercvrial – I Never Liked You Anyway [Brief Algorithms LP]
Sarakiniko – All is Fine [Red Forest LP]
Weird Nightmare – Darkroom [Weird Nightmare LP]
Dehd – Window [Blue Skies LP]
Vintage Crop – Drafted [Kibitzer LP]
Death Bells – Hysteria Between [Here & Everywhere LP]
Poster Paints – Number 1 [Poster Paints LP]
Shutups – Endless Heaven [I can’t eat nearly as much as I want to vomit LP]
Wild Pink – ILYSM [ILYSM LP]
Mount Monda – Death in a Retirement Home [A Dream in Slow Motion EP]
Object Of Affection – Through & Through [single]
Julie Doiron & Dany Placard – What If I Said [Julie & Dany LP]
Daisy Brain – Digital Atlas [Disconnected Happy EP]
The Stroppies – Up To My Elbows [Levity LP]
How I Left – Continental [Birds In The City LP]
Self Help – get evil [get evil LP]
Naked Lungs – Why Do People Change? [single]
Mewn – Two Days [Mewn LP]
Caution – Hand That Looks Like Mine [Arcola LP]
Boyracer – Fleetwood Mac are Shite [single]
Pretty Sick – Human Condition [Human Condition EP]
Video Nasty – Castrate the Predator [Ugh LP]

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