Human Pleasure radio 10th April 2017….I don’t know what you are saying.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

10,000 Russos – Radio 1 [Distress Distress LP]
Dead Sea Apes – Lo Res [Sixth Side Of The Pentagon LP]
Farflung – Unwound Cellular Frown [Unwound Cellular Frown LP]
The Gluts – Squirrel [Estasi LP]
Wolf Eyes – Laughing Tides [Undertow LP]
The Black Angels – I’d Kill For Her [Death Song LP]
This Other Kingdom – Comatosed [Reveur LP]
Bent – Chew Song [Mattress Springs EP]
Daddy Issues – I’m Not Deep [Dream LP]
So Many Wizards – Just Poison [Heavy Vision LP]
Ov Pain – BCI [Ov Pain CS]
School Damage – Tall Poppies [School Damage LP]
Feature – Schedules Align [Banishing Ritual LP]
You’ll Never Get To Heaven – White Light [Images LP]
Bettie Serveert – Unsane [Damaged Good LP]
Palehound – Flowing Over [A Place I’ll Always Go LP]
Desperate Journalist – Oh Nina [Grow Up LP]
Nap Eyes – Your Samples, Our Obsession [Our First 100 Days comp]
Diplomat – We Were Just Faking [Nebraska / Diplomat Split LP]
Nebraska – Carousel [Nebraska / Diplomat Split LP]
Lab Coast – For Now [Lab Coast LP]
The Moonlandingz – I.D.S [Interplanetary Class Classics LP]
Seasurfer – Too Late For Goodbyes [Under The Milkyway…Who Cares LP]
Bitumen – Honey Hunter [No Sister / Bitumen Split Tape]
Pins – Bad Thing [Bad Thing EP]
Rays – Gambler [Rays LP]

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